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MakerBot Update – PE00001 Online!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

PE00001 Extrusion Test

My personal MakerBot is up and running!  Above you can see it extruding that beautiful black ABS during the extruder burn in test.  I've printed a few objects with reasonable success after making a few adjustments and I'll have a more detailed write up covering some post-construction thoughts in a later post.  Below you can see the printer laying down a raft for a z-crank.  Check out my Thingiverse page for a couple more pics of objects I've printed.

PE00001 Laying a Rafting

I also printed out my first from scratch object, this awesome spider ring for Halloween!  I would have liked to make my first design truly 3D rather than a simple extrusion of 2D shapes, but I've got a lot to do before All Hallows Eve and Blender has one hell of a learning curve!

Spider Ring


MakeBot Update – Parts Arrive

Monday, October 19th, 2009

MakerBot Parts

So I broke down and ordered a laserless MakerBot kit shortly after MakerBot Industries started offering them.  I also ordered a few motor controllers for my upcoming CNC project and some nichrome wire and thermistors for some back up heater barrels.  I still want to make a version that utilizes more printed parts and more readily available components.  I have quite a few spare parts since I've been gearing up to build a MakerBot for a while, so I should have most of what I need to make a second bot utilizing the 'control' MakerBot to manufacture parts for the experimental one.  I'd really like to see if I can get comparable performance out of 0.2" pitch timing belts and printed pulleys.  Providing alternatives for the  special order SDP-SI components and utilizing more printed parts means future MakerBots could cost less and supply wouldn't necessarily be tied to a specific supplier's stock of parts.


MakerBot Update – Success!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

CCCKC MakerBot First Build

We reassembled the extruder last night and got everything up and running!   We still have to figure out some rafting issues but overall I'm pretty pleased with our first few prints.

Makerbot Z-crank

Also, I was extremely surprised by how well this printed whistle works.

MakerBot Printed Whistle


MakerBot Update – Extrusion Fail!

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

CCCKC MakerBot Ready for Extrusion Test

On Saturday the CCCKC MakerBot whirred to life, all three axes were moving freely, the extuder motor was up and running, and the heater was holding a steady temperature.  The plastic started flowing on command and it appeared that we would be printing in no time.  Then, approximately 1 minute and 18 seconds into extruder burn in, the plastic stopped flowing, and then panic set in...

Well maybe panic would be too strong a word, but it was a very disheartening sight.  After some troubleshooting, it was determined that we'd simply have to take the extruder head apart to find the problem.  After a soak in a bath of acetone overnight the head was disassembled to reveal a shaving of PTFE from the insulator in the ABS over the opening of the nozzle.  Hopefully everything will fit back together after a good cleaning and we can get back to extruding again.


MakerBot Update – Versioning Woes

Monday, September 28th, 2009

CCCKC MakerBot In Progress

Our MakerBot parts came in at the space so we had a build day Sunday.  We made some modifications to the case design to make a cave themed MakerBot, complete with stalactites  and stalagmites and a place for a nice acrylic back-lit CCCKC logo.  We got everything sanded and painted, assembled the extruder and case, etc. only to find out that in batch 5 the BOM of the MakerBot changed and now our X and Y axis components that I cut out weeks ago don't work  with the current rods and bearings!  The Thingiverse page for the MakerBot hasn't been updated, but if you look in the subversion repo under batch 5 you'll find DXFs of the newer design.  From these files it seems they've moved away from the 1/8" plywood in favor of 1/4" for the X and Y axis components in this new design as well.  I've cut out another set of parts out of 1/4" Birch plywood and we'll make another go at construction on Tuesday.  Hopefully we'll be up and printing by the weekend!