Banana Pi Pro

IMG_4402 IMG_4352

Step 1: Remove the Masking


All of the acrylic components have a brown paper masking on them. You will need to remove it to make the parts fit together nicely. It is best to start at a corner.


Make sure to remove the mask from both sides


Step 2: Attach the delrin clips to the PCB

The clip with IR etched in it goes on the side with the infrared receiver and the loop clip with IR etched on it goes next to the IR sensor.

The Clip with a corner cut out goes over the SATA power connector

IMG_4364 IMG_4373

Step 3: Attach the top plate

Line up the ribbon cable slots in the top panel and push it down onto the clips.

IMG_4376 IMG_4378

Step 4: Set the PCB on the bottom panel

IMG_4383 IMG_4386

Step 5: Put the SD Card side in place

IMG_4381 IMG_4389

Step 6: Put the USB/Ethernet side in place

IMG_4392 IMG_4394

Step 7: Snap the I/O side in place

IMG_4395 IMG_4397

Step 8: Snap the Power/HDMI/SATA side into place

IMG_4399 IMG_4402

Step 9: Attach the button clip

IMG_4404 IMG_4406


The WiFi antenna can either be kept internal to the case or passed through the hole located under the button clip and clipped into the antenna clip on the button clip.

IMG_4408 IMG_4409 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4426 IMG_4427

Congratulations! You are done.

Want one of these cases for yourself? Grab one here:

Want the design files? Grab them from my Thingiverse page: