MakerBot Update – Success!

CCCKC MakerBot First Build

We reassembled the extruder last night and got everything up and running!   We still have to figure out some rafting issues but overall I'm pretty pleased with our first few prints.

Makerbot Z-crank

Also, I was extremely surprised by how well this printed whistle works.

MakerBot Printed Whistle


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One Response to “MakerBot Update – Success!”

  1. NaTalia says:

    That’s not far off. The bot builds up otecjbs by laying down lines of molten plastic about 0.3mm in width. For a single layer, it draws the outline, then fills in with crosshatching. Kinda like a pen plotter but with a bit of thickness to it. Ideally, it does this over and over for each layer, one on top of the other until it makes the complete object. Sometimes things go wrong, though and it tries to draw a layer in the wrong place (say, half an inch to the right or something) and ends up laying down plastic in mid-air and you end up with tangles of plastic thread all over the place.

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