MakerBot Update – PE00001 Online!

PE00001 Extrusion Test

My personal MakerBot is up and running!  Above you can see it extruding that beautiful black ABS during the extruder burn in test.  I've printed a few objects with reasonable success after making a few adjustments and I'll have a more detailed write up covering some post-construction thoughts in a later post.  Below you can see the printer laying down a raft for a z-crank.  Check out my Thingiverse page for a couple more pics of objects I've printed.

PE00001 Laying a Rafting

I also printed out my first from scratch object, this awesome spider ring for Halloween!  I would have liked to make my first design truly 3D rather than a simple extrusion of 2D shapes, but I've got a lot to do before All Hallows Eve and Blender has one hell of a learning curve!

Spider Ring


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