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Quick Projects – Hard Drive External Hard Drive Enclosure

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I thought I'd share a project I think is simple but pretty awesome none the less.  Several years ago I picked up an external USB 2.5" hard drive enclosure to use with a laptop hard drive I picked up while dumpster diving.  The hard drive was a bit too tall for the enclosure that came with the controller so I had to improvise.  I had several other 3.5" drives pulled from various systems I had stripped hanging around, and it looked like the controller and 2.5" hard drive would fit inside one if I found the right drive.

After some searching and disassembling some drives, I found an old 2GB Seagate ST32122A drive that looked like it would work for my enclosure.  After removing all the platters and other internal components, I removed the drive lid and carefully cut two slits in it with tin snips.  I folded the flap I created back carefully by hand, trying not to bend the top of the lid as I did so.  I cut a small square of PETG out of a blister back to protect the PCB on the back of the 2.5" hard drive and taped the drive in place with aluminum faced tape.  You can see the PETG sheet sticking out from underneath the tape in the pictures below.

When I was building this originally, I wanted the top and bottom of the enclosure to nest perfectly, so I milled down the bottom section with a Dremel.  I eventually decided that it wasn't worth the effort and that no one will notice that the front of the enclosure is a little under 1/16" taller than the back.

After getting the hard drive and controller in place, I put the top and bottom back together and sealed them with a 1/4"-3/8" strip of aluminum tape and the enclosure was complete.

The original drive was a 6GB and I've since upgraded it to an 80GB drive and will probably upgrade it again if I run across a cheap PATA 2.5" in the future.