pcDuino v2


For this assembly, you will need a Phillips head screw driver.

Grab the design files here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:232381

Grab a kit here: http://www.storenvy.com/products/5079863-pcduino-v2-enclosure

Step 1: Prep all of the parts

Remove the masking material from both sides of the acrylic

Step 2: Insert the brass inserts

Take the plate that looks like this and the 6 brass inserts:


and push the brass inserts into the holes from the bottom as shown in the image below:IMG_4134 IMG_4139 IMG_4136

Step 3: Add the next layer.

Take the two half pieces and place them in the same orientation:



Step 4: Add the PCB

Take the pcDuino and place it in the same orientation:



Step 5: Add PCB edge pieces

Take the thin acrylic pieces and place them around the edge of the PCB in the same orientation:



Step 6: Add the next layer (starting to get a little repetitive, ain't it?)

It looks like this:

IMG_4125and place it in the same orientation.

Step 7: Add the next piece

It looks like this:IMG_4123

and place it in the same orientation.

Step 8: Add the buttons

IMG_4121They go in the holes.

Step 9: Add the next layer

It looks like this:IMG_4119

and, you guessed it, place it on in the same orientation.

Step 10: Add the last and final layer



Step 11: Put in the screws

IMG_4114and you're DONE!

IMG_4111IMG_4108 IMG_4109IMG_4105