ODROID-X Slim Enclosure Assembly Instructions

ODROID-X enclosure - slim

Step 1: Prep the Parts

Remove the paper mask from all the acrylic parts in the kit.

Step 2: Mount the Board

ODROID-X enclosure assembly

Using the M3x14 bolts and nylon standoffs in the kit, remove the rubber feet from the ODROID-X board and mount it to the bottom piece.

Step 3: Start Assembling the Case

ODROID-X enclosure assembly

Clip the side with the audio jacks and the side with the SD card slot to the power side as shown (note that though the audio jacks aren't labeled correctly in these pics, they were corrected on the final design, my bad).

Step 4: Install the Top and Bottom

ODROID-X enclosure assembly

Install the button extensions by placing them in their holes as shown. To make installation of the top without losing the button extensions some masking tape can be used to keep the buttons in place (make sure to apply the tape to the outside, as shown).

ODROID-X enclosure assembly

Next, install the top and bottom as shown.

Step 5: Finish Assembly

ODROID-X enclosure assembly

Install the expansion side and the clips to hold it in place and you're done! Your case should now look something like this:

ODROID-X enclosure - slim

If you'd like to grab one of these enclosures, head over to my web store here. The files for this case are also available for download on my Thiniverse page here if you've got access to a laser cutter or want to make modifications.


4 Responses to “ODROID-X Slim Enclosure Assembly Instructions”

  1. Mike Schattl says:

    Do you plan on making any black-colored Odroid-X cases???

  2. Craig says:

    Yes, I’ve completed a black case design and I’m wrapping up the documentation on it now. Expect it to be out in the next couple weeks.

  3. Brandon says:

    will this case fit the upcoming x2

  4. Craig says:

    No, the X2 heatsink is too tall. My case with fan attachment for the X fits the X2 nicely though.

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