Laser Cut R3 At Kansas City Maker Faire

Here's a sneak peek at the prototype of the laser cut version of the R3 platform with just about everything but the lead screws installed.  It's based off of the OpenSCAD models for the milled R3 parts with a few modifications, primarily to use T-slot construction rather than 1/4" threaded rod.  I experimented with match drilling as mentioned in the Mantis 9 build page and it yielded some very smooth motion on every axis of travel.  If all goes well, I should have my R3 prototype up and running for demos at the Kansas City Maker Faire June 25th and 26th along with my Makerbot, PE00001, in the 3D printer village section!


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3 Responses to “Laser Cut R3 At Kansas City Maker Faire”

  1. Mike says:

    Just came across this “R3” machine. are there any additional details on it – it looks exactly what I am looking for. Please let me know where I can find more information.


  2. Craig says:

    It’s an open source platform that I’m currently working on that will (hopefully):
    1-Be a RepRap
    2-Be strong enough to mill aluminum
    3-Be accurate enough to mill PCBs
    4-Be fast enough to be an additive 3D printer
    5-Be inexpensive

    What you saw at the Maker Faire was a laser cut prototype but the final version will primarily feature milled parts. I plan on making kits eventually, but it’s still under active development. If you REALLY, REALLY want one now, email me and I can probably hook you up with another laser cut prototype with milling attachment, but I’m working on some improvements to the design.

    Once I think it’s ready, I’ll post all design files and the BOM as well as provide a build walk through of both the milled version and the laser cut one.

  3. Rena says:

    they are not very effective, i used my mhaicne regularly and saw no obvious effect. Machines that are available for own use, do very little as they are aloud little power. The best thing to do would seek a proffesionals advice, at least that way you are guaranteed a result.

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