The Cardboard Cabin Creation Kit is a set of building blocks (I often call them planks) made out of 3-ply cardboard. With them you can create play houses and tons of other awesome stuff.
Grab the templates for all the parts here (PDF). Print it out to scale and cut your own planks. The plans are all under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to make as many as you want, so long as you give us some credit for thinking them up and share any improvements you make as well.

If you don't want to cut your own, we've got them for sale as well. Our planks are cut from recycled cardboard by robots with lasers. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds!

Full Kit
A set of planks that give you everything you need to build a 4'x4' footprint cabin (approximately 5-1/2' tall) and then some.
$199 + $35 shipping (USA)

Double Kit
Two full kits at a discount price. Comes with everything you need to make 2 reasonably sized structures or 1 huge one.
$349 + $70 shipping (USA)

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