pcDuino3 Case Assembly



Step 1: Check/Prep the Parts



Make sure that you have all of the parts in the above image. Once you are sure that you have all of the parts, remove all of the masking.



Step 2: Attach PCB mounting clips

With the angled clip slot in the upper left of the bottom plate, insert the PCB mounting clips into the slots.

IMG_4200 IMG_4203

Step 4: Attach the PCB


Gently press the pcDuino down onto the PCB mounting clips until firmly seated.

Step 5: Attach the front and back panels to the USB side

IMG_4210 IMG_4207 IMG_4212

Step 6: Put the pcDuino in place


Step 7: Insert buttons

Take the top plate and position it as shown below.

IMG_4215Take some tape and tape over the button holes as shown.


Now flip the top over


Look at the buttons and find the one with a 'U' etched onto it


Take the one marked with a 'U' and place it upside down in the slot for the upgrade button(hence the 'U')IMG_4226


Now place the rest of the buttons into the other button slots


Step 8: Mount Top plate to rest of the Case

Take the top plate and carefully flip it over and slide it into place.


Step 9: Attach the HDMI/Ethernet side

Take the remaining side panel and carefully line up the tabs and insert the case clips


Step 10: ENJOY!

Enjoy your newly assembled pcDuino3 enclosure.

IMG_4235 IMG_4245 IMG_4244 IMG_4242 IMG_4239 IMG_4238


Want one of these cases for yourself? Grab one here

Want the design files? Grab them from my Thingiverse page