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This is sooo pasteldritch…

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Skull deer wreath with bunny ears

Well, another holiday has come upon us and the wreath has undergone another transformation. At this point a number of delivery drivers know our house by name, one of which pointed out that we now have a jackalope. I was going to correct that assertion, but then realized that he was effectively correct. It's just weird thinking about making a mythical creature by adding bunny ears...

Anyways, the variations I've made thus far haven't been super elaborate but I've kept the budget for all the costume changes under $15 each. I'm guessing this trend will continue until Halloween rolls around again, at which point I may be able to convince myself to splurge a bit.

In the mean time, here are some additional pictures of the wreath:

Skull deer wreath with bunny ears

Skull deer wreath with bunny ears

Skull deer wreath with bunny ears

We also added some eggs to the tree to keep with the Easter theme:

Holiday tree with skulls and Easter eggs

Happy Easter everybody!