In the months were it's gone radio silent here, we've settled in to a new home at Hammerspace. We've got 400-ish square feet of cluttered awesome:

The New Shop

Me and Jordie have our respective work areas set up and are kind dug in by this point but we're hoping to rearrange things to get us a little more floor space in the future.

We've also got some new toys, not the least of which is this gargantuan laser cutting machine:

Big Laser

The laser's 120 watts so it can slice through 3/4" stock easily and it's got a cutting area of almost 4 feet by 3 feet for nice big projects. I'll be reviewing this guy in depth here shortly.

We're going to have some more new toys on the way soon as well, including a new 3D printer setup to supplement the Replicator we've got now and a CNC plasma setup! We're really looking forward to expanding our metal fabrication capabilities and seeing where that takes us.