A New Challenger Appears…

Hi. We have been really busy. First it was the Raspberry Pi rush, then another big commission after big commission. Fun times...

Also, I have yet to introduce myself.

My name is Jordie and I work for Craig here at Built to Spec. Online I generally go by RoboLemur.

Some of you might have seen my work such as the Snap together Raspberry Pi Enclosure, the APC Enclosure, the Freescale  FRDM-KL25Z Sled, the BeagleBone Black Enclosure, the APC Rock Enclosure, the pcDuino Enclosure, the TI LaunchPad Sled, the pcDuino Sled, and the Raspberry Pi with Adafruit LCD Pi Plate Enclosure.

I have also worked on multiple commissions for rodent psychology labs and other various projects.

On the side, I also like to make costume animatronics.

My current projects are a pair of animatronic wasp wings:


and an animatronic tail:

These projects are still in development, but there might be a derivative of the wings coming soon. We'll be posting more stuff as we get back into the habit of posting stuff here!