Rubber Band Gun Business Cards!

So I made a new business card for my design and fab work that turns into a rubber band gun! I've posted the design up on Thingiverse if you want to look at the source files and some additional pics. One of my friends threw it up on reddit and it kinda took off from there (I was #2 on the front page this morning)! For those interested, you can get some cards with your own info on them from my store.


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  1. […] Via 9.) Razor’s Edge Business Card This Silk Business Card was designed for Razor’s Edge – a design and construction company. The design includes spot gloss highlights and decorative silver foil. A custom shape was developed and used to create a custom die. This provided the business card with the identical look and cut out of an actual razor. The bottom of the card is lined with silver foil for a true razors edge. […]

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