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Pilgrimage to Gateway Electronics

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

A couple weeks ago I headed out to St. Louis to attend Arch Reactor's grand opening 2.0 and meet up with some friends in the Lou.  I headed out a little early so I could hit up Gateway Electronics before the open house.  Several people had mentioned Gateway and it's awesomeness before, so I had to check it out for myself.  I picked a good day to stop in, as they were celebrating their 50th anniversary.  I was quite impressed with the wide array of stuff they offered and it was obvious that their focus was on the hobbyist market.  They've got a decent array of general components in stock and a lot of prototyping stuff, project boxes, breakout boards, perf board, PCB etching and repair supplies.  They also had a lot of old equipment including scopes, variacs, and used lab equipment, a huge collection of tubes, most in their original packaging, and a lot of surplus/pulled parts.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any projects on the table that I didn't already have the supplies for so I only ended up grabbing some components that I thought would be cool to include it some future projects.  I picked up some single digit VFD tubes cheap, some industrial keypads, a cheap project box or two, some cheap linear pots, and one giant red illuminated push button.  It's too bad there's not really any place like this in KC...