Cricut Cartridge Dissection

I borrowed a Cricut cartridge for a quick tear-down.  Here's the "front" (the side that faces away from the cutter) of a "Cricut Sampler" cartridge:

And here's the back:

The markings don't show up in the picture, but the big chip on the PCB is an ATmega16 and it's paired with a 4MBit serial flash part.  The 6 pin .1" header seems to be wired for in circuit serial programming.  Here's a pin out:

Header Pin ATmega16 Pin
1 2 - MISO
2 5 - VCC
3 3 - SCK
4 1 - MOSI
5 4 - RST
6 6 - GND

From the markings on the PCB, I would imagine that most cartridge hardware is identical.