MakeBot Update – Parts Arrive

MakerBot Parts

So I broke down and ordered a laserless MakerBot kit shortly after MakerBot Industries started offering them.  I also ordered a few motor controllers for my upcoming CNC project and some nichrome wire and thermistors for some back up heater barrels.  I still want to make a version that utilizes more printed parts and more readily available components.  I have quite a few spare parts since I've been gearing up to build a MakerBot for a while, so I should have most of what I need to make a second bot utilizing the 'control' MakerBot to manufacture parts for the experimental one.  I'd really like to see if I can get comparable performance out of 0.2" pitch timing belts and printed pulleys.  Providing alternatives for the  special order SDP-SI components and utilizing more printed parts means future MakerBots could cost less and supply wouldn't necessarily be tied to a specific supplier's stock of parts.


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