So it Begins

I’ve been cutting out MakerBot parts for the Hackerspace I belong to because several members would like to see a 3D printer in the space.  Initially I had no interest in making one for myself, primarily because of the limitations of homebrew plastic extrusion 3D printers (no support material, build outs < 45 degrees, goop problems).  But the more I read about the MakerBot and RepRap, the more I wanted to build one, so finally broke down and started construction of my own MakerBot in parallel with the construction of the Hackerspace’s printer.

PE00001 At the First Stage of Construction

PE00001 - First Stage of Construction

I’m hoping to overcome MakerBot Industries’ understocking problems by making some slightly modified motor controllers and using some alternative drive components, but for the most part I’m sticking to the design that they’ve laid out for my first foray into 3D printer construction.  I’ve got all the parts I need for the body cut and all the parts I should need from McMaster Carr already, but still need to get the parts for the extruder and drive system cut as well as order all the parts I’ll need from SDP-SI.  SDP-SI seems to be out of a number of needed components as well so I’ll likely end up experimenting a bit with alternative drive system.


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